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 Guidelines for filling shifts

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PostSubject: Guidelines for filling shifts   Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:58 pm

To prevent burnout, the max amount of perm shifts is 4, and the max number of shifts a week perm/fill combined is 8. That is 16 hours a week if you do 8 shifts.

Now as far as multiple people posting for shifts.....

1) If a fill only host or dj posts for a is automatically theirs. These are the only shifts they work and are fill only either due to a shift not being open in a time they are available ...or....their RL does not allow them to have a regular perm shift. So if they say they can fill is questions asked.

2) If person A has 4 perm shifts and person B has less than 4 perm shifts and they both want the same goes to the person with less perm shifts. We need to be fair to people with fewer shifts so they can work some too. Again for whatever reason they do not have the max allowed shifts but they can fill in ...they get the shift.

3) If both people have equal number of perm shifts and both want to goes by seniority.

4) If one person is offering to fill in and it would make two shifts in that day and the other person does not work that day, the person that does not work that day gets the shift. We want to avoid double shifts if we can.

All of this applies to both hosts and dj's. If there are questions or a dispute, defer to a manager or owner for the final decision.

And finally when it comes to no show and people filling, this is how it goes (names are examples)....

- If Sally does not check in by 15 min till her shift, a replacement will be requested either in staff chat, staff notice, or a private IM. Bob offers to fill the shift

- If Sally arrives after Bob offers to fill, the shift will still be Bob's.

- If Bob wants to allow Sally to take over, it is TOTALLY his decision. He is in no way obligated to give Sally the shift back that day. Sally forfeits the shift for the day by being late and/or not checking in.

If Sally and Bob work out a deal that he will work until she can get there PRIOR to the day of the shift, then Sally may come in and take her shift. Please note that this arrangement should be posted on the BB so there is no confusion at shift change.
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Guidelines for filling shifts
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